Honktoberfest Brew Fest Designated Driver Wristband


YOU MUST BE 18+ to purchase a DD Wristband Package.

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Are you making plans on how to get to and from Honktoberfest safely?  Suggestion: a designated driver!  We love the DD.  If you plan to drink, please, recruit a DD for the evening.

For only $5, you will get a DD wristband that will get you free bottled water and soda from the bar all night long.  PLUS, you can get a free pretzel at registration.  You will NOT be able to be served any alcohol with the DD wristband.

You will take your printed ticket to the Mine Hostel & Events Center at 201 Main Street beginning at 4pm, on September 24, 2022.  You will be carded, so please bring your ID, your ticket will be scanned and then you are off to defend the safety of your group.  =) 

MUST BE 18+ to purchase a Honktoberfest Brew Fest DD Wristband Kit!  IDs will be checked.